Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan

Our Ethics

By establishing direct relationships with some of the leading insurers and re-insurers in the London and International Markets as well as leading underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, ICA can satisfy virtually all requirements and offer state-of-the-art insurance coverage.

ICA capitalises on the financial strengths of the international insurance markets and eases your investment exposure by spreading any risks of doing business in Afghanistan for both local and international companies. The combination of the power of a mature and stable insurance industry with local input, expertise and knowledge ensures that all our customers not only have global reach, but also a bespoke local perspective.

ICA actively engages in building a positive future for Afghanistan and, by offering robust cover to international and local businesses, actively contributes to the health and well-being of the population and creates local employment and security for all. Our products also strengthen the local banking sector by protecting loan collateral and dynamically building Risk Management capacity in the local market.

ICA operates a core service ethic which is professional, customer-focussed and courteous.

We look forward to advising, helping and supporting your business needs.

Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan