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Claims Payment Afghan Insurance

Why do companies and individuals purchase insurance?

Well, to protect valuable assets and for peace of mind, knowing the insurance policy is in place to meet the unexpected.

When the unexpected happens, ICA’s Claims team steps up to the interface with the insured client. The way we handle claims becomes ICA’s shop window.

At ICA, we aim to deal with all valid claims promptly and fairly, whether it is a motor vehicle damaged in a road traffic accident, an accidental or insurgency – related personal injury, or something more complicated, such as Aviation, a business interruption loss, or a legal liability claim you are faced with. ICA has paid claims to a total value of USD 6.5 million, approximately, to date.

What we ask from our insured clients is that ICA should be notified promptly when something happens, so that we can act quickly to protect your interests and that clients will cooperate with us, or our appointed independent Loss Adjuster, as the matter progresses. There may be issues to overcome – claims are not always straightforward, but that way, ICA and Reinsurers will pay the amount due quickly and efficiently. That’s what we are here for.

Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan