Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan


Life insurance is an essential element of protection for both individuals and businesses. Pure Life policies operate in the event of death by natural causes. Death by accident can be insured under a separate Personal Accident policy.

Delivering The Promise
Individual Groups Lump sum payment in the event of death that will provide financial security for family and dependents. The cash benefit, which would be linked to salary and/or loan commitments, to be utilised to pay for funeral costs, repayments of liabilities and the smooth financial adjustment of the bereaved family
Businesses To cover the financial consequences of the death of a key manager or employee. The benefit to be paid to the employer to be utilised at its discretion
Banks & Financial Institutions To cover the repayment by the customer of a business or personal loan following the death of the borrower or key person. The lump sum benefits to be paid direct to the lender so as to ensure that the debt is repaid
Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan