Who we are

The Insurance corporation of Afghanistan (ICA) is an award-winning Insurance Company licensed by the Afghanistan Ministry of Finance, and has had its corporate office established in Kabul since 2007. With some of the industry’s most experienced, well respected & committed professionals leading the way, ICA will continue to provide exceptional protection for you, your family and your business

ICA is proud to be able to offer Sharia  Complaint insurance products (Takaful Insurance).

Company Profile


ICA has brought a dynamic and dedicated team of senior insurance talent from the world’s leading markets and international and local businessmen together to play a pivotal rôle in developing a mature and robust insurance market within Afghanistan and its broader economy.

Alamgeer Khan:
Underwriting Director

Abdullatif Mohammadi:
Finance Director

Our People


There is no doubt that in today’s dynamic and ever-changing business world it is our employees that differentiate ICA from its competitors. At ICA we understand that the underpinning of success to any organization is its people and having a dedicated team that places customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do brings us that success.

ICA truly believes that our most important assets are not tangible such as buildings or vehicles nor is it our technology or data, the most important asset to ICA are our people and that is why we encourage our employees to succeed in achieving their career goals through learning and development in a healthy, friendly, working environment.