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ICA have an excellent track record at helping Banks and Financial Institutions balance their risk exposure and profitability. Our highly experienced advisors are here to walk you through the proposals & help you understand your coverage options.
We understand that no two banks or financial institutions are the same, and so whenever we are approached by a bank, we review their size, their risk profile, their location and we provide customised insurance proposals based on a bank’s specific insurance requirements.
We offer a variety of coverage for banks of all different sizes and risk profiles, whether you’re a bank who holds $1 billion or $5 Million, Publicly Traded or a Single Private Bank, here at ICA we have the covers required to protect you against today’s exposures.

What we can cover

Bankers Blanket Bonds

Depositors Assets


Cash and Securities in Transit

Trade Credit

Property pledged as collateral by borrowers

Computer Crime

Unauthorised trading

Professional Indemnity

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