List of services

  • Aircraft Hulls
  • Spare Parts
  • Passenger Liability
  • General Liability
  • Airport and Associated Liability
  • Air Side Contractors Liability

Within the aviation business there are a number of diverse risks encompassing those that are relevant to the operator of passenger aircraft, cargo transport, private hire, airside contractors, traffic control and airport operators amongst others. Values at risk and potential liabilities are significant, so as a consequence the insurance covers put in place must reflect that potential for loss and ensure that claims are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.


List of services

  • Bankers Blanket Bonds
  • Depositors Assets
  • Fidelity
  • Cash and Securities in Transit
  • Trade Credit
  • Property pledged as collateral by borrowers
  • Computer Crime
  • Unauthorised trading
  • Professional Indemnity

There are many and wide-ranging complexities in the banking and financial world and insurance is often utilised as a mechanism to mitigate the risks that result and the possible consequent losses. Each case is considered and negotiated on an individual basis as no two risks are the same. Much depends on the nature and scope of the business and the risk management practices of our clients.

Business Interruption

List of services

  • Loss of Gross Profits and Revenue
  • Additional Cost of Working
  • Suppliers Extension
  • Customers Extension
  • Denial of Access
  • Delay Fines and Penalties

Business Interruption and loss of profits following property or other damage can often be more expensive than the cause of the interruption. Putting a business back into a pre-loss position can take time especially if there are lead times for the replacement of key machinery and the problem of recovering market share. Incidents occurring elsewhere can also lead to a loss of business, for example a key supplier or key customer. Many businesses who suffer a serious property loss can go out of business altogether through lack of adequate insurance to maintain cash flow.

ICA has considerable experience in this field and can give a great deal of assistance in analysing and mitigating the risk factors to a business and help create a business continuity plan. Facilities up to USD$100 million or more when required.


List of services

  • Full All Risks
  • War Risks
  • Stock Throughput
  • Deterioration
  • Single Transits
  • Open Covers
  • Contingency (Seller’s Interest)
  • Carrier’s Risks
  • Consequential Loss

The movement and storage of goods is an integral part of any economy and the more sophisticated the mechanism for distribution becomes so does the risk profiles. For example extensive containerisation can create a high accumulation of high value items risk in one place.

In addition to providing cargo insurance on a global, land, sea, air, or door to door basis. ICA will also consider a Stock Throughput arrangement which can cover goods and materials from point of despatch from the supplier, whilst on own premises during course of processing and onwards to final destination

Construction, Mining & Engineering

List of services

  • Property Damage
  • Liability to Principals
  • Liability to Third Parties
  • Liability to Employees
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Personal Accident
  • Defence Based Act
  • Delay in start up
  • Maintenance periods
  • Motor and self propelled plant
  • Environmental

The provision of insurance products in the Contracting and Engineering industry is one of ICA’s key areas of activity, which reflects the importance of that industry to the development of Afghanistan. The risk variations are huge, ranging from the large infrastructure projects to small buildings and facilities. Recognising this diverse situation ICA has created capacity in the international insurance markets that can facilitate any project of any kind and any size.

Personal Accident

Supporting the Victim

  • Disability resulting from an accident
  • Death resulting from an accident
  • Associated Medical Expenses

Benefits vary and are normally related to income

The well-being and security of personnel is a key issue in many sectors of business in Afghanistan. Exposure to risk is generally higher than elsewhere and the sensible use of insurance can help to mitigate the consequences of accident and death by providing monetary benefits to either the individual or their dependants.

The knowledge that insurance cover is in place will give comfort to company officers and employees in conducting their duties and may well assist in the recruitment of staff.

Travel Insurance

The comprehensive coverage that is provided under ICA’s policy includes:

  • Emergency Medical up to USD 1m
  • Personal Accident
  • Lost Baggage
  • Travel Delay
  • Legal Fees

ICA provides policies for business, personal and family travel. These can be purchased at selected Travel Agents in Kabul and from Travel Agent networks throughout Afghanistan.

ICA is delighted to have the support of Ace/Chubb Insurance Group, one of the World’s leading insurers and a major provider of travel insurance throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Health Cover

ICA Health Plans

Welcome to ICA Group Private Health Insurance. For the first time in Afghanistan ICA has made comprehensive private health insurance available to all employers, providing the benefit of a healthy, happy and more productive life for employees.

ICA offers a choice of 3 Health Plans designed for specific requirements, all delivering reassuring healthcare coverage supported by a local 24-hour claims service. Upon joining, you will receive all the benefits of international standards health insurance with these key features:

1. Essential Plan

The Essential Plan provides USD 25,000 annual medical coverage per member and is designed for employees living and working in Afghanistan. The comprehensive coverage provided includes outpatient and inpatient, maternity and emergency dental treatment.

2. Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides USD 100,000 annual medical coverage per member and is suitable for those living and working in Afghanistan and traveling overseas for business. The area of cover is Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. The key benefits of the plan include outpatient and inpatient, maternity, emergency dental treatment and emergency medical evacuation within area of cover only.

3. Supreme Plan

The Supreme Plan provides USD 1,000,000 annual medical coverage per member Worldwide (including or excluding USA). The plan is designed for members that travel extensively as part of their business. The key benefits of coverage provided include outpatient and inpatient, maternity, emergency dental treatment, emergency medical evacuation Worldwide and well being benefit.

Please request ICA’s application form or contact your ICA account manager for a full list of the benefits provided under each plan.

  • Comprehensive Inpatient and Outpatient healthcare coverage
  • Access to approved nationwide medical providers (and overseas medical providers under ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘Supreme’ Plans)
  • Local 24 Hours claims support through Interhealth Afghanistan
  • Cashless claims settlement system

ICA Health Insurance is supported by international reinsurers and Lloyd’s of London.


General Third Party

  • Own premises risk
  • Off premises risk
  • Motor – Passenger and third party
  • Liability to Employees

Products Liability

  • Product Recall
  • Products Guarantee
  • Products supplied causing damage or bodily injury

Liability to Employees

  • Contractual
  • Workers Compensation
  • Statutory
  • Legal Liability following a work-related accident or event

Professional Liability

  • Defective advice or actions
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Contractual Liability

Medical Malpractice

Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan is pleased to provide Medical Malpractice Insurance for medical professionals, health care providers, hospitals and clinics operating in Afghanistan.

The coverage provided includes liability protection to offset legal defense costs and compensation awards for damage arising from bodily or mental injury or death of a patient caused by or alleged to have been caused by error, omission or negligence in professional services rendered.

ICA insurance product is designed to meet the local requirements for indemnity against medical liability risk.

Product Summary: Coverage Limits upwards of USD 1,000,000 any one occurrence up to USD 5,000,000 (policy deductible’s apply)

Political & Terrorism


A standard Political Violence (PV) insurance policy can indemnify: Physical losses or Damages; Business Income Losses and Extra Expenses; Debris Removal and Third Party Liability (optional)

Cover is now essentially available in four forms:

  • Terrorism only: This relates to loss or damage instigated as a result of clear and targeted political, religious or ideological grievances often perpetrated by established and internationally recognised terrorism organisations and therefore excludes losses sustained in the course of public demonstrations and general unrest where the insured is not specifically targeted
  • Terrorism and strikes, riots and civil commotion: This covers terrorism as detailed above and losses sustained as a result of civil unrest. This also covers damage as a result of disgruntled workers and employees
  • Political violence excluding war and civil war: The third option extends to cover terrorism, strikes, riots and civil commotion plus physical damage incurred during a process of mass social uprising, revolt or military coup. It is a more robust political violence policy that is now increasingly in demand following the events of the last 18 months
  • Comprehensive political violence: The final option provides all of the previous covers as well as cover against war, both civil (that is, open conflict between two opposing sides within the same nation or state) and war itself (which would necessitate cross-border conflict, either declared or on an undeclared basis). The fourth option is the most comprehensive political violence physical damage policy. It removes any ambiguity between perils and, most tellingly, when purchased alongside a standard fire policy, provides a more seamless physical damage coverage.


War and Terrorism classes covered:

  • Global war, terrorism and political violence cover for non-marine assets, including standard commercial property, fixed and mobile energy assets, leisure and entertainment and civil or governmental property.
  • War and strikes cover for transit risk worldwide, including inland and offshore transits.
  • Construction projects worldwide, for the full construction/erection period up to 36 months but sometimes to 60 months.
  • Third party terrorism liability, including third party property damage cover in marine and non marine industries worldwide.
  • Energy specific liability and control of well extra expense coverage arising from terrorism and political violence.
  • Limited chemical, biological and nuclear terrorism coverage, dependent on the assets protected and the coverage method employed.
  • Event cancellation cover due to terrorism and war and/or strikes, riots and civil commotion

Industries Covered

  • Commercial
  • Energy/Power/Mining
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Telecoms
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Motorways/Bridges/Tunnels
  • Good in transit
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Municipalities
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Industrial assets
  • Real Estate
  • Residential


List of services

  • Fire, Lightning and Explosion
  • Riots and Civil Commotion
  • Terrorism
  • Earthquake
  • Storm, Tempest and Flood
  • Impact
  • Accidental Damage
  • Machinery Breakdown

Most businesses, large or small, require some form of property insurance the extent of which will depend upon nature of the business, location and risk profile. Broad categories of items to be insured are buildings, machinery and plant, office contents, computers, work in progress, stock and vehicles. ICA is able to cover risks of up to US$100 million and has access to facilities that can accommodate risks where values exceed that figure.

Vehicle Fleets

List of services

  • Third Party USD$250,000 any one accident
  • Fully Comprehensive Including Terrorism USD$500,000 in the aggregate

* Higher policy limits are available subject to requirements and review

There is an increasing number of motor vehicles within Afghanistan, many of which are of high value and at risk from collision, malicious damage and third party and passenger liability.

Key to the insurance for Vehicle Fleets is the ability to deal with damage claims speedily and effectively. ICA has established a claims procedure with authorised repairers that ensures vehicles are repaired as quickly as possible and put back on the road. Down time on the use of a vehicle can be a costly situation.

For Third Party claims ICA will take over the negotiation and management of the process thereby removing management downtime in unproductive activities.